This my path to self disovery

Mortification at its best

Yesterday was officially the most embarrassing day of my life! I lived through not one but TWO highly embarrassing moment and am now considering whether or not I should ever leave my home.

embarrassing moment number one:

I’ve been a huge fan of The Girl Effect for quite some time and was surprised to see that a distant relative was associated with the project. I was so proud I had to tweet her expressing how impressed I was that a member of habasha community was involved in such a great cause. so you can imagine my surprise when I was unable to tweet her because she had BLOCKED me. this came as a huge shock, especially since I’ve never spoken to her in my life so whyyy would she block me? I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and still wanted to complement her so I decided to click on the link on her twitter bio and EMAIL her. I know, I hate me too. I am soo cringe. so now I don’t know if she’s read it and is more freaked out or simply not interested  either way I’m extremely disappointed because judging from her tumblr we’d be great friends. wow I sound like a stalker.

embarrassing moment number two.

Our neighbours mother recently passed away ( may she RIP) and her family & friends have chosen an inconvenient method of grieving – partying all night long. that right, they blast music all day errday and a week on its starting to get ridiculous. ( to each their own I guess)

Last night / Early this morning I could clearly hear a conversation outside which lead me to believe that the conversation was being held on my doorstep. I couldn’t look through the peep hole to check because out idiot of a landlord painted over it. so I decided to check through the letter box. Unfortunately, as I was checking my eyes met with one of the girls having the conversation, she screamed, and informed her friends of the eyes she saw through the letter box. her friends didn’t believe her and decided to stay put. I couldn’t handle it any more, I wanted to sleep!! so I opened the door – causing the girl so scream AGAIN – and politely asked them to move. they did, but I could hear them laughing throughout the night. They must’ve been laughing at my weirdness…well that’s what I told myself.

I woke up this morning just hating my self and the way I react to these types of situations. why am I so cringe worthy, why why whyyyy.

well admitting you have a problem is the first step….right?


The Plan

It was a day like any other, I spent the majority of it on my lap top watching TV shows that slowly kill my brain cells then my family gather for the evening news. 

Me being the ignorant person that i was decided to go through my twitter newsfeed instead – I mean Kim Kardashians whereabouts are obviously more interesting – as i come across a tweet from author Louise Bagshaw stating that she would thank David Cameron when Libya is free. my initial thought was what’s David Cameron got to do with this! if Libya becomes free form Gaddifis regime it will due to their hard work and bravery! So I decide to voice my opinion to my mother who gives me a dirty look and says: NATO. my response: what’s NATO. the look she gave me got worse. and that’s the moment when i actually FELT stupid, how could i not know who NATO is? especially at a time when they were constantly mentioned on the news! 

I went back to my room, got on my laptop and googled Libya NATO and spent the night catching up. that was it, that was the moment my life changed. i no longer cared about about celebrities or tv shows, I instead watched shows that would benefit me in the long run. i also didnt spend as much time in bed, I went to demonstrations learnt more about society and the world.

the world is changing right in front of our eyes. watch the news or you’ll miss it.

this is my path to self discovery. this is my journey to finding myself. join the ride – its a bumpy one.